Anything written by me on the blog is my honest opinion and is not intended to offend or hurt. Photos and images used to showcase products I like or would like, are most likely to be that of the official brands and taken off their website. I do not claim all images to be mine- if the company wishes, I will remove the image, and if anyone wishes to verify whether my own image or that of another is used, please contact me. If anyone wishes to use my images please contact me before using them, and I will then verify that they are mine, and give you the right to use the images. Comments that are spam or offending may be removed from the blog- this applies to any form of social media also.

I will not work with any companies selling a service/product of which I would not use myself or I may feel uncomfortable about promoting, and may recommend someone else to receive this of whom may be more suited. Whatever the advertiser would like to give/receive from/to myself must be stated, before I or the company 'officially' work together- no extras or 'add-on's'. I will state if a product or service in which I have received and blogged about, was sent personally to me on a special offer or for a review- and I will be 100% honest on my opinion. I have the right to refuse a product or service when offered to me through my blog, and may recommend someone else to receive this of whom may be more suited.


Sophh Elizabeth.

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