Sophie Elizabeth Hicks. Kinda boring, so thats why I use Sophh instead of Soph/Sophie.


Where are you:
In the outskirts of London/Essex.

What do you do:
Fulltime student at College, Swimming Teacher and Sales Associate at Forever 21.

What do you study:
English Literature, Media and Psychology.

Just watch. Here.

What do you want to do:
I'd love to work in fashion. The atmosphere is amazing; blink and you'll miss something. I love a fast and high powered workplace.

Height: 5'11/6ft.
Weight: Once I've stoped weeping over it, I may share. *muscle weighs more than fat.*
Size: Vary's daily. I bloat like a Walrus.
Hair: Light mousy Brown. Has Blonde'y bits. Has Red'y bits.
Eyes: Seem to change but generally green/brown.
Skin: Snowman.

Why are you so weird:
Often wondered. Never have worked it out. I'll blame it on the cat for now.

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