30 Jan 2014

Hello, Goodbye, Hello again.

I'm back! And then I'm gone.

Its reached the time now that my Sophh Elizabeth has officially, been put to sleep. *sobs*. However, seeing as I'm still young, still poor and still haven't quite made it in the world of fashion and media, I don't think its quite time to leave the world of blogging yet. Therefore, I am making the beautiful leap over to my BRAND NEW BLOG. Oh yes, you heard me right.

And seeing as this new one has taken me so bloody long to set up, I think I might actually try to stick to it. Well at least try. But the difference is, this one is going to link my college work (still doing my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design), with my blogging work too!

So going to try to not use too much naughty language etc, but it will be much more of an open place- not just for fashion, but for art and design, makeup, rants- whatever I think fits will be put. All the things that I do or that influence me basically. This may mean more 'what I want' posts, because working in retail? You do end up wanting a lot. Trust me.

So here goes. Welcome to Seasons Behind.
The name is explained on the new blog (see the 'Who is She?' page for the reason as to why its named so obscurely). Posts will be coming very soon. Promise.

Anyway. Thankyou to all my viewers over the years. Together we've made 18,200 to right now (well as of when I started writing this little goodbye), and for a girl that was laughed at when she started blogging? I'm one bloody proud woman.


Love always and forever,

Sophh Elizabeth.

6 Feb 2013

Mm, if I could melt your heart.

All I'm gonna say? I cannot walk in this skirt. Saw it ages ago, never bought it, saw it in the sale for £5, bought it even though it was a size too small. It just makes me giggle now kinda love it despite (its thinspiration), that pleather and that tightness?
Kinda Victoria Beckham, kinda Jodie Marsh.
You decide.

(Mum was wearing a red jacket, and I was facing the grass. Explains the colours.)

Jacket: Vero Moda, Top: Charity shop, Skirt: H&M (similar not exact), Bag: Forever 21 (definately in the Lakeside store!), Shoes: Miss Selfridge, Necklace and Headband: Primark.

Sophh Elizabeth.

29 Jan 2013

Little Girl Lost.

I love this skirt. Like far too much. It's one of those skirts most little girls would kill for, when you spin it flares up in a perfect circle. Them skirts and flared sleeve tops (see here),  were my staple when I was little. I wanted to be a princess up till about Year 5 in school, and marry prince Harry. I kid you not. Still would may marry him given the chance. Or Adrien Brody. Definately Adrien Brody.

(Spinning around. Except I couldn't spin that much, everytime I did I flashed.)

Jumper: H&M, Skirt: New Look, Gloves, Hairband+ Necklace: Primark, Bag: Forever 21 (guarantee its in the Lakeside Store!), Shoes: Priceless Shoes
 (I bought the shoes in store, and when I looked closely they had a label/indent from Topshop. Considering I think they are real leather, they would be around £70+ from Topshop? Mine were under £20.)
Also I apologize but I couldn't find any of the items online. Have a look in stores!

Sophh Elizabeth.