21 Jan 2012

I've arrived.


First post jitters, so nervous! Been looking through a load of my favorite blogs for inspiration on their first post, but it seems I'd have to go back a ridiculously long way before I even got half way through their posts! (please bear in mind I do twitter on alot..).

Been planning to do a blog for so so long, just never got around to it, or if I did, I was too nervous to show my creations (outfits, makeup, blahblahblah). But no longer. Decided this is going to be the one, and if you dont like it, then goo away;) - actually dont I need all the people I can get <3
^^ See what I mean about the blabbering?
Anywayy, on Sophh Elizabeth I plan to do alot. Ha! Whether it be outfit posts, things I want! (there will be alot), inspiration posts and just things in my everyday life- even makeup posts if you really would like.
So I hope you's enjoy! 

Sophh Elizabeth.

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