6 Feb 2012

Quick Promote/ Review

So my friend Faye @Faye's Fancies (WHAT. A. BABE.) has similarly started up a blog too! After me I must say (what a copyierrrr).

Anyway she has done a wonderful review on Rimmel Londons Wake Me Up Foundation, which I similary got in my Company Magazine - Love the new format! 

However I think we similarly had the same likes/dislikes regarding the foundation, so as this is only a quick post I'm gonna hand you over to her!

(her before and after picture does make me giggle - HAPPY! Sad.)

Check her out!

Sophh Elizabeth.


Faye's Fancies said...

I was happier 'cause i had put some foundation on ;)

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Yeah Yeah ;) OI FOLLOW ME!