25 Mar 2012

Bristol Fashion Week.

As you can guess I attended Bristol fashion week. (well day from my perspective.) And it was ah-mazing!
So thought I'd do a run through my day, so you can see it more from my point of view..
Hope you enjoy!

- Car Journey. Lovely father took me. Found his favorite 'swearing at other drives word' to be tosser, or something beginning with T...
- Arrived! Got aquainted with the area a little bit, found the main fashion tent, and got my bloggers pass.

- Browsed shops and took a few photos. Will include some here, took so many (will try and link the items to the shops, but if I cant I apologize). Will list the brand at the top of the first image, then once it changes list the new one!


 I have these shoes in the leopard print! Seriously comfy, really want them coral ones now too!

 Me. In H&M. Outfit:
Dress ASOS
Shoes Newlook
Socks Topsop
Tights Tesco
Collar Dorothy Perkins

 Cute bag, below which I bought. Reduced to 1.99 I believe ;)

 Bank? I thinks.
 Next. Love this shirt!

 These shoes £25. I WANT.
 River Island

 Lipsy. Dont normally shop here but its worth a browse?

 Similar to shorts I have. :)

 Republic. You will soon see my love for anything americano/british.


 Claires. They didn't let me take photos, but before I was informed of this, I took one. Love the ones next to the bristol fashion week ones 
 Superdrug. Unfashion related, but has anyone tried this? Its an electric waxer?
Yay or Nay?

- Met Tiff! Again! Hung with her. She's laaaarvely.
- Went into the fashion show area. Got treated to some pink champagne and fondant fancies.

 Got a goody bag! YAY. Do like stuff like goody bags, they allow you to sample products, you probably wouldnt have been able to or would have sampled before. Similar to beauty boxes!

 Andew Barton ; Hairdresser
Mark Heyes; Stylist. 
Both brilliantly funny presenters, with tips and tricks as seen on my twitter!
 First up; Candy Pastel trend. Big fan of this as I find it suits even my skin tone! 
(See my pastel sleveless shirt at the bottom!)
John Lewis.

 Sports Luxe Trend. Big fan of this one also, it makes gym wear, wearable wherever you go. Shorts I purchased also seen with the pastel shirt at the bottom, I'd define as being sport luxe and at only £7 from h&m. You cant go wrong!
Next and Claire's Accessories

 Andrew Barton in his suit, (previously in the Bristol fashion week top)
 Floral. Whatever season, floral is always wearable.
Womens clothing at Hobbs, MensWear Riverisland and bags from Radley

 In the jungle...
Love these colours, reds oranges yellows! Tribal style.
M&S, Jewellry Clive Ranger.

 Seaside. In the navy and all that ;)
Animal and Claire's Accessories

Evening Wear
BHS and Evans

 Makeover! This beautiful woman was given a makeover by mark hayes, and hair by Saks.
 Clothes at M&S

 Her name was lola...
Holiday fashions!
Oasis, menswear at M&S, footwear by DUNE

 No description for this but fun, I'm afraid! 
All clothing at Miss Selfridge, menswear at Cecil Gee

 Party in the Summer months...
Fashions from USC
Childrens from H&M
Teenage from BHS

 50s housewife
Jigsaw, menswear at River Island
Childs outfit from Disney Store. See the cute Miss Piggy toy!

 Under the seeeaaaaa. 
Always reminds me of Sebastian from the little mermaid. Oh how I wished I could be ariel.
John Lewis. 
Its not all blues remember, under the sea, theres a fair lotta 

 1920s fashions Dahling. The feathers, the balls, ohmygod. The elegance of it all is spectacular

 Finale! GB Foreverrr <3
Various Retailers.

- And that was the Fashion Show! Once we'd cleared out, and collected our goodybags (YAY), we each got an Indian Head Massage. Heres Tiff having hers....

 (Cool blokes watching.)

 - And heres my outfit! Got too hot in my other one, its a funny material :(
The only thing that changed was the top - H&M, and the shorts - H&M
Pastel and Sportswear.

And that was about it!
Was so much fun! 
Admittedly if you keep an eye on the trends at London Fashion Week, and all the others around the world, they tend to be greatly ahead - you can tell whats coming up, and similar applies when reading fashion magazines.. However Fashion Weeks are great opportunities to meet new people and to find the trends on the high street! (I dont have a designer purse I'm afraid..)
Massive thanks to Bristol Fashion Week (AMY you're amazing!)

Cant wait for Essex fashion week now!

Sophh Elizabeth.

P.s. Major credit to you if you read the whole way through this post!
Seriously. Wish I had the same concentration..


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It looks like a really fun day! :)

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Super cute pictures !

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