11 Apr 2012

Essex Fashion Week! Part 1.

Well I say fashion week, when its actually day.. But they call it fashion week soo..
Anyway Sunday (8th April) twas the day, so me Amy, Rachel, and Jade went along. £50 for VIP. Dont know if it was actually worth it. I'll rant later into the post..

My personal winner of the worst dressed of the night. No offence love, it may be designer and I'm sure Victoria Beckham did wear a similar design many years ago(and J-Lo too probably) but that dress did you no favours. And as seen also it wasn't holding together. Or holding you for that matter. Respect for having the confidence to wear it. No respect for it. Looked a bit cheap. Sorry.

Below is one of my winners for the best dressed. See the girl on the left hand side of the picture sitting on the right next to the girl in black dress? She had an adorable tutu bottom of the dress, amazing shoes too.
 That is front row material. WE LIKE.

 Me Rachel, and Billi Mucklow from TOWIE.
Ignore my face, I'd prefer you focused on my waist down. Please.

If anyone says I do nothing for guys on the blog think again. P.s. I believe the bags are from claireabella?

Billi and Kirk from TOWIE

Top row(l-r) - Unknown, Jessica Wright, Unknown, Amy Childs, Harry TOWIE,
Middle Row(l-r)- Nanny Pat! Jessica Wrights and Mark Wrights Sister, Their mum
Onesies. Love 'em.

There was alot of crashing into each other on this show. See to the right, three guys in the same space at once? Awkwardd.

Bare foot is evidently the way to go.. >>

Kandi Clothing.

Made him bigger for you Rach!

See what I mean about the seating. They said premium seats, and yes these werent too bad, but we were expecting close to front row. Some poor girls were sat behind us - so they could barely see a thing! And they were VIP tickets too! Bloody pisstake. Not cool EFW. And the drinks were not cheap. £5 for a archers and lemonade? Really! And the evenings  after party- all the 'celebs' left, and it was more of a case of trashy essex if you ask me. Wrong type of music, if you want to get everyone up and dancing. And dont get me started on the ages. Some of the girls were about 10 if that. And when some of the front row cleared off they went and sat there instead! WHAT. THE. HELL!
and some other girls smelt like catfood. Just saying.

With how many pictures there is I'll seperate it into a few posts. So thats all for part one!

Sophh Elizabeth.


Elaine said...

Great pictures :)

Lori said...

this is hilarious! cannot believe you paid so much for those seats.. not good


FAIIINT said...

This really made me laugh! Especially the woman in the blue dress, couldn't agree more! How annoying that you paid that much for what seemed to be a bit of a shambles, hope you had a good time despite this though!

Julia Lang said...

Hi love,

thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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Anonymous said...

Looooved the pictures! And LOL, that girl's blue dress - hell noooo, I can't believe she wore that out, let alone to a fashion show?! Haha.

Thanks for following :), followed you back! x

Gemme Sorbet said...

hahhaahhhahah shit your funny.. CAT FOOD! GOLD!

Sarah of CGS said...

Love all your pictures! This looks like a very fun event :-)


Feenkuss said...

Like the post and all the great pictures.

Ina :*

Self-Dressed said...

Great show!!


Chloe said...

£50! It looks awful! When you compare it to BFW anyway!
I know a girl that organised it, you should send them a letter/email and complain about the seating and demand your money back 'cos they're crap seats!
I would anyway! But I can be a pretty angry lady haha!
Glad you saw the fun in things still though :) x

Sick by Trend said...

suuuuuper cool! thanks for sharing. I'm following

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