20 Apr 2012

Essex Fashion Week part 2

 And I believe this is where I left off last time...

Been ill lately (well since Wednesday- no excuses) soo yeah, feel horrible :(
Anyway hope you guys enjoy the part 2! Part 3 ASAP! Promise <3

This woman seen here is the owner? of Kandi Clothing. She was the one hitting out all the dance moves previously, whilst half the models looked miserable! Anyway heres the funny part, inside the bags was some products from her range and she and the boys on stage were throwing them out to the audience (one positive). Soo theres one bag left and one of them throws it up to the top level..

See the woman turning to her friends with a brightish blue/turquiose packet in her hand? See quite literally dove over the girls next to her to grab it off them :') they were all reaching and then she was like I dont think so and grabbed it! On reflection it may have been a had to be there kinda moment but it had the girls crying with laughter which is always a positive! What a bitch...

Amy and Harry and Jessicas back and Carol spotting..

Carol and Jessica.

Amy and Kirk chatting to who I guess is her mother/manager?

Amy's dress! Very Versace inspired, and there's loads of these sort of studded dresses on the high street at the moment! We like. 

Jeff Spotting. He gave a bag of sweets to this little angel too bless her! She was cuter than he is juuuust saying.

One for the girls ;) Credit to the guys for doing it in there pants I must admit..

My blazer - the floral one (not what I was wearing but I have it in my wardrobe/floordrobe..)! Saw it around twice,  helped give me tips on how to style it!

More of the girl in the cute dress! Tutu say whaat.

Back to the shows.. And yes she was holding a telephone. And the other one is too OTT dressed for seaside chic, so I'm guessing she's going for the arrrr pirate look. 

Wellies! Festival Chic. Wee like? Kind of, except the outfits pushing the limits of festival woooo, and festival nooooo.

OTT. Left is too 50's housewife, right shouts hiiiii I'm a bit of an attention seeker. EWWWWERR

How not to union jack it. OR how to 'jack' it up. Like ruin it. Get it?
No? Okay.

Bit too much for me but I like it anyway. Wouldnt pair with the shorts though, maybe jeans but wide leg ones? Pale blue, with sunglasses (in the same colour as the shorts?) and them heels. 

Now heres the backs. Whats your opinion on backs? Do you like a good back? Personally I rate a good back...

Too bridal. Unless your a bride.


I like this one though, especially for brides?

Too much leg for bridal. However it did have a cute corset? YAY.

RED GLAMOUR. We like we like we like. And its not even all that Jessica Rabbit'y!!
Even better.

Billi chatting with Nanny Pat. Who I must say was wearing what my nan would wear plus a nice Versace Styled Scarf. My nan needs to take tips.

Union Jack dress. Except you wouldnt wear it anywhere. Not really.

The one from Celebrity Big Brother? I dont watch it. And he's not a celebrity! 

HERES A HOT DOG. (just realised what I did there..)
Apparently he's scared of dogs too!

Bikini bums. Looks good from the back boys except when they walked they got some cellulite. Yup.

Inspirational shoe from Amy. I like. :)

Anyway more in a bit! My camera died halfway through uploading so we'll see you for part three!

Sophh Elizabeth.

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