2 Jul 2012

Miss Penguin PR Launch! Part1.

After seeing a retweet of a poster from Miss Penguin PRs Launch party/fashion show I knew I had to go! Plus with it being fairly local I thought it would be a must to attend! 
"Miss Penguin PR is a full-service UK public relations agency based in Essex. Established in 2012; owned by Danielle Bigaignon, the agency already delivers high level strategic public relations to a wide variety of companies. We specialise in fashion, beauty, hairdressing and entertainment sectors and your brand means everything to us. "
Here are the links to Miss Penguin PR's Website, Twitter and Blog!

 Heres my outfit on the night! Very sixties twiggy/audrey hepburn style I think, and the dress I recieved for free from a charity! (See my Giving Kids A Break post for the charity!- Dress originally from Dorothy Perkins). Blazer seen in my last post and my fox ring (just seen in second photo) I bought from BHS a while back! Bag bought from charity shop, then DIY'ed by me (see here!)
(Excuse the face, I had to rush getting ready!).

Heres the fabulous Allysha Johnson (twitter link here, blog link here) who also attended the event! Cute outfit huh!

After seeing Allysha I went backstage to see the outfits and I met some of the amazing brand owners who recieve their PR from Miss Penguin! ALL of them who I spoke to were genuinely lovely people, who I hope to meet again soon!

Amazing hair alert above! The hair was designed and created by Spargo

These shoes are amazing! I'm not always a total lover of too much crystals/dimante's but the shoes in the middle are gorgeous, as are the ones on the far right! I'm not a fan of strappy sandals with the sparkles right now (I prefer bold and block colours!) but for anyone who does I'm sure the shoes on the far left are dreamy!

Again with more fabulous shoes! These are from Glitz and Glam Boutique and can be bought here! Also available in gold!

Heres the stage for the show! Not the most conventional runway but who wants to be the same!

Me and Allysha!

From here on is the starting of the show! Enjoy!!

The event was hosted by Adam Ryan, the co-owner of Essex Fashion Week and Marbella Fashion Week! 

And here she is, the lovely and beautiful Danielle, owner of Miss Penguin PR! Love the hair (fishtail plait, penguins eat fish? Anyone? No? Okay)

And here is my favourites from the first collection! 

The collection is by Georgeous Boutique! Heres the brands twitter page and heres the website!!
And here is the lovely owner of Georgeous with her gorgeous shoes! Yum!

The next collection!!

 This collection is by Glitz and Glam Boutique (shoes were seen above!)! Glitz and Glam Boutique is owned by the truly lovely Toyah (seen below)! Link to the Glitz and Glam's twitter is here, link to the shop is here!

And here is the next collection!

This collection was by Celeb-A-Porter, and I was shocked I liked the collection so much to be honest! It has a large range of products some inspired by Celebrities, some inspired by brands (I loved the Versace styled prints!) Below is the owner of the collection, wearing a dress from the brand! LOVE the Louboutins!

The twitter page for Celeb-A-Porter is here, and the Celeb-A-Porter shop is here!

I hope you enjoyed part one of the show, as part two is coming soon!

Sophh Elizabeth.

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