21 Jan 2012

Always look on the bright side?

Old Outfit. But a classic?
Quick moan. And outfit post. Admittedly for now its an old outfit but I have a bad case of the flu. Forgive me! Once I'm better I will be posting new outfits, closeups andd more photos of them!!
So. Dress was h&m. 
Shoes were Tesco -And were a bargain! 
Snake Bracelet Primark. 
And the belt was tesco too I think?

All is likely to be out of stock but hey ho :)
And now the moan. Having the flu and Irritable Bowel (dont worry I dont do the funny poo, just pains in my tummy), isnt a nice combination. Believe me. Anyway thats life I guess.

Love Sophh Elizabeth

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