22 Jan 2012

Media Uni Thingymajiggy.

Okay so last week some of my college media class went on a trip to City University. Dont get me wrong it was a nice uni (free food, feel obliged to compliment them ;] ), but it wasnt the most exciting of trips. Anyway we were set a task to do and split into groups, I was with a girl named Nikki (featured below) and we chose to do a self expression type thing (fashion of course ;] )... Anyway we photographed cool looking people (us and 3 others) so heres the results!
Nikki! Loving her jacket so much, from a charity shop £2,
 then she added a load of badges numbers etc onto it! Love!!

Emma! We styled her, as she was the only person willing to model for us,
(You cant really see the necklace but its mine, republic)

Dan!! WHAT. A. CUTIE!! <3

And finally yours truly. Not the best photo but hey.
Denim shirt-asda ,Cookie Monster top- Sainsburies Mens
Skirt-Primark, Tights-tesco, Shoes-primark, scarf-vintage!
Oh and the headbands from primark!
Was wearing the necklace originally but emma kept it on :)

Anyway, we all had alot of fun and it changed my mind about the idea of doing journalism at uni! Always a good sign!

Sophh Elizabeth.

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