8 Feb 2012

Everybody's Rare.

Lack of inspiration for writing today so this will most likely be kept pretty short. The whole day has been a major struggle although I did get my new blog header completed. Lovin' it.

Anyway this post is about the things I'd love from Rare Fashion (majority in the sale!).

The first are two more expensive dresses but definitely worth the prices! 
Both would be brilliant for weddings - Formal yet cocktail styled, compared to the more plain style dresses. Also I'd regard the red as being more of a church+ reception dress, compared to the chamagne which is more evening styled, but its up to you! Sadly the red is only available in red, but the champagne is available in navy too if like me champagne wouldn't suit your colouring (a girl can dream though..)
P.s. Have linked a sneaky bag in this part too! Would go with either of the dresses dreamily..

Annoyingly small photo I know :( Sorry <3

1. PeterPan blouse - cute could be worn with anything really, day or night out. The website advises High Waisted Jeans, but personally I'd like to mix it up with a straight Pleated Maxi (in Black!)
2. Woven Shirt - I know this isnt the height of fashion right now, but woven is totally coming in (Vogue said so!) Simple and chic, worm with patterned leggings or jeans - Total bargain!
3. Red and Black Maxi - just love the simplicity - yet it can be for the more outgoing of people. Colour Clash for extra effect.
4. Drop back skirt - anything goes with it really, ideal for a night out or summer!
5. Sequin Skirt- for extra glam on that night out!
6. Cutout dress- it says its a bodycon, but I dont think it is due to the a-line skirt.. Anyway would be great for night out, and if your that bit more body conscious wear a lace leotard below!

Sophh Elizabeth.


mike i make said...

Great post! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Thankyou! xx

Minna said...

Hi! Followed back on GFC. :)

SILVIA said...

wonderful pictures honey!!

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Thankyou sweetie! xx

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Thankyou Darlin! xx

Lindsay said...

Cute blog! Folliwng you!

LoriLynn said...

Dress #2 rocks my world! Xo Lori