13 Feb 2012

Ello Cheeky Chops

When I was younger I used to adore New Look. Guess I just wanted to be all grown up and wear the kinda things they sold at the time.
Nowerdays I'm afraid I'm not such a massive fan. Admittedly I did get my only pair (and favouritest) pair of highwaisted jeans from there - fitted perfectly! Till the zip broke. Annoyed isnt even the word.
An offer appeared on facebook advertising their sale soo I thought I may as well check out the website. Was looking mainly at Kelly Brookes new underwear range but sadly the stuff appears nothing like how it looks with her wearing it! Airbrushing maybe? Again annoyed.

Buuut theres a light at the end of the tunnel - their sale! Bear with me guys I will do alot of sale hunting - I'm a student! Cant help it!

So heres a few of my personal favourites and ratings of the items/suggestions.

1. Purple Buckly Wedge. I love purple clothing. Dont own a'lot but I do like it. And I love shoes. So it just makes sense as to why I love these. Brilliant for a night out, (but if you fall the strap will increase chances of breaking your ankle? Who cares risk worth taking.)
2. Mickey Scarf. A its disney. B its Mickey. C it has a pocket and pompoms. Whats not to love?
3. Blue Shiny Mac. Reminds me of Paddington bear. That plus a good pair of wellies, and you're all set for the rain.

1. Boob showing bodycon. It flashes your clevage. And shows your curves. Yet still stylish. Jameela Jamil Style accesories I think. 
2. Contrast Zip Dress. Again with the showing of the curves but slimming too! Yum. The burnt colours always suit too.
3. Floral Zip Playsuit. Wish I could pull this off BUT I COULDNT :'( Adore the pattern though.
4. Lace Maxi Slit skirt. Always love a good maxi. Always love a maxi with a slit. And especially love a lace maxi with a split. YAY.
5. Pleated Black Trousers. See through. Shows of the legs. Amazing with anything and not in my size. :'(
6. Wine Cutout sheer shirt. Again not in my size :'( But still including for all you lovelies. Winter or summer will be amazinggg.

Sophh Elizabeth.


Anonymous said...

Love the dresses and the skirts in the 2nd pic!
Thank you for commenting on my blog!

Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Welcome my lovely! xx

Sophh Elizabethh said...

And thankyou! x

.sabo skirt. said...

Nice outfit!:)

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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Fashion-Bridge said...

Beautiful pieces! Loving them all, but especially the pretty zip dress!




Sophh Elizabethh said...

Thanks Girls! Will check out the blog/shop xx

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Thankyou! I know its gorgeous isnt it, Understated yet eye catching! xx

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Done and its all yummy! I waaaant. <3

NRC♥ said...

The wedge is perfect!


Sophh Elizabethh said...

I know! No more left in my size heart broken!
Thanks chicken <3

Tiffany Leigh {thedesignerlifestyle} said...

I love that contrast zip dress. Daring, bold, and sexy! Loving these roundups. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Welcome1 And hey its still available to buy! :) xx