21 Feb 2012

Inspired one day, dying the next.

Okay so most girls at some point in their lives will have checked out a catwalk show (even on the internet), or dribbled over all the pretty stuff in Selfridges or on designers websites. Or at least I do.
Anyway this post is designer inspired, but for our not so loaded purses!

Alexander McQueen. RIP.
And one non Leopard but just as lovely for luccccckkkk.

Browns - Nina Ricci
And a Quick Tip
Find a intricate/vintage bolero or cardigan and wear it over a lace dress you already own. Not many dresses that have this lace panel on the front withh the pretty sides!

P.s. If dress one was a bit more in my price range, to quote Geordie Shore 
I'd "get on it like a car bonet".

P.p.s. I really dont watch Geordie Shore. Just seen the adverts.


Faye's Fancies said...

Loving that oasis lace dres :) xox

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Same! and the feathers one...

jessica said...

Love that sass and bide dress. the mcqueen is pretty amazing as well!

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Its my favourite! xx

Eau de Violet said...

So many pretty dresses! Thanks for sharing :)
Keep in touch~

Eau de Violet

Sophh Elizabethh said...

Thankyou! xx