16 Mar 2012

Sophh's Nan's post of the Weeeeek

I know you guys said you liked the last one... Soooo heres another ;)

Please note She is very cautious about the internet - doesn't have it at home and doesn't want her name used. But if any shreddies knitting nana's come along, she'd make a great new member for the team.
Also the products have been linked where possible, give the names a click!

First up we haaave;
Rating out of 5; 4/5
Opinion: "Does exactly what it says, freshens up my feet, and smells nice. Good value too."

Rating out of 5; 2/5
Opinion: "doesnt smell nice. Dont use it"
^^ Although she does have it in her bedside cabinet? Confused.

Rating out of 5; 1
Opinion: Dont like the smell. Got it free from a set. Dont use it."
^^ For as long as I can remember she's had this. Although she apparently uses it? Again she's a weird woman :')

Rating out of 5; 4
Opinion: "I like the smell. One of my favourites"
Smells do it for her apparently..

Shoe Zone - Slipper style shoes
Rating out of 5; 4
Opinion: "they fit my wide feet"
That was all I got. But I included these as I kinda like them. Yup. I like my nans shoesss.

Although these shoes I cant say I like much. They do look adorable on the old girl though, she's like a little school girl, bless her cotton socks <3

(Apologies for the tilted photo)
Rating out of 5; 5
Opinion: "My favourite perfume. Although it is ridiculously expensive"
She's a cheeky minx ;)

Sophh Elizabeth.

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MariaSelf said...

I love how simple yet informative the reviews are - it's sometimes hard to read and get the main idea out of "wordy" reviews;-) Very helpful, thank you!!!