29 Apr 2012

Essex Fashion Week part 3.

One more essex fashion week post to go after this I think/hope!
I'll set the scene for you now :) basically all these people below (including Harry) were invited onto the stage to do a mini catwalk and win prizes.  Simple, and enjoyable for everyone involved!

 Girl 1. Confident'ish, but they are dressing too old for their age :(

Girl two. Cute dress and shoes, but she's too young for it :(

Girl 3. Got nervous and ran..

Girl 4. Got even more embarrased and ran.
 Girl 5. Lapped up the limelight and did the whole catwalk, not just the front bit, she did the corner too!

Girl 6
  Girl 7. Poseeer.

Girl 8 Boy 1

Girls in louboutins. I wantt.

She of course won, so much confidence for a young'n..

Anyway back to the shows! Now this collection I wasnt a big fan of so didnt take many photos, but the woman you see below is the designer. We liiiike her outfit alot. Neon!

And its Amy! I must admit I am quite a fan of her new collection here, see it all here!

Sticking out her ass much!

Pretty sure she used some form of padding, for that extra junk in the trunk..

Holding T-shirt 1.
Holding T-shirt 2.
Holding T-shirt 3.
Holding T-shirt 4.
Holding T-shirt  5.. *yawn*
Holding T-shirt 6.
Holding T-shirt 7 - and getting other model to hold it!

Love these illusion dresses- I have one myself and it gives you the appearance of a smaller waist!

And that was the finale of her collection! Most of it I really like!

Onto the next collection- and guess which designer they have copied cough Herve Leger cough

Casual dancing in the middle?

Cough Versace Cough

I do like this skirt though... And would you believe the shoes on the left cost around £300!

Boys boys boysss (8)

Recognise these girls? THEY STOLE THE FRONT ROW! How unjustified is this, at least let someone whom has a reason to observe the clothes be there, Aka bloggers, celebs and my friends.

Yes he has a heart sticker on his back- and he got more as the show went on? Confused. Yes.

Yes Carol and two girls whom smelt like catfood - your in the middle of the catwalk during a show!
I'm sorry but how rude!

NOT EVEN WATCHING THE SHOW. They were killing me inside and out.

This girl looked like she was constantly falling over- needs to work on her walk.

And thats all your having for part 3! Enjoy lovelies!

Sophh Elizabeth.

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