30 Apr 2012

Essex fashion week part 4. Finale plus RANT.

Dun dun duuunnn! Final Essex fashion week post dear's, hope you've enjoyed the series so far!

Anyway first up, notice any similarities? Camera Girl wearing the same dress as model.. Not a fan of the dress but still- did make me look shocked.

Trying to itch her ass I think..

Lauren G and those leather trousers- the daily mail wrote an article on them, naming them less than flattery... Think she wore the exact same outfit- the horror!

Top row, centre - pretty top!!
Middle row, third along -not so nice back. Bad spray tan line/bikini top line and then the 'invisible back' bra? Not so invisible.

And now one of my highlights! The guy below is said to be designing the featured collection of Americas Next Top Model Live! And he comes from essex? Ahmazing!!

Not as many photos or designs as I'd hoped for but still! Much emphasis on the black structured items it seemed, which we like. 
Yay or Nay you guys? 

The next collection is far more, evening wear, and party styled. Some of them were too much but there were a few gems - love the lilac and purple dress!

More now, not a clue who by or anything - seriously they could have given out a sheet with the order of shows or something?

Now here comes the more contraversial part. Or at least it is for me. This is Jessica Wrights show of her underwear collection. Just look at the models.

See my problem with the pictures?
If you didnt look again, and again and again. Girls and Guys, if your looking on this blog for thinspo you will NOT find it here. As a not size 0/2/4/6/8/10 sized girl I find these models kind of hurtful. They portray these models as being beautiful, inspirational, etc, but they're not. From the front some of the models seemed slim but natural seeming- when seen from the side, all you can see is jutting bones and ribcages. Not sexy. Even the guys muscles seem unnatural, from my perspective not good. If Jessica Wright herself was a similar size to these women I could somewhat understand. But as a more curvey woman (compared to these girls), you'd have thought she would want to promote healthy models, with a normal healthy weight - such as herself! And being under media pressure to look good all the time, and to do the right thing, personally I'd have thought she'd have put herself on the catwalk or models her size. 

Jutting bones, xylophone ribcages and no-love on them handles are not the way to go. 
Used to like Jessica. Not so sure.


Afterwards there was some group dancing, and there was a goodybag too- only thing worth talking about was the free book based on the 'true' essex. The rest was promo things, wouldnt have minded but half were just naming the companies. No other freebies/ discount, what is this!

Worth £50? Tell me what you think. And whether you agree/disagree on the models.

Sophh Elizabeth

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Matthew Alexandre said...

i really enjoyed some parts of the collection and yes she was scratching her ass haha !