3 May 2012

Our little secret.

I have a secret. I kid you not. And I didnt even know this existed. (Whether you guys did, and I just didn't have a clue, I dont know. But anyway). Because its so secret I dont want to say it. So I'll put a line through it. MOTEL HAS AN OUTLET STORE!!!

I kid you not I was like/am as happy as a kid on helium.
Its not as full as I'd have liked it to be, but considering they have sale bit on their website..
Anyway heres a few of my personal favourites - recognise any?

1 - Cherry Blossom Shorts - Pretty shorts. Prettier Price tag. £15
2 - Silver Striped Dress - Structured Dress? We like. £18
3 - Japanese Cherry Dress - Black but Girly. And I like the price £15
4 - Chained Mesh Dress - More Adventurous. More Daring. More Amazing. £18
5 - Floral Cutout Playsuit - Cheeky Back Flash. Not so flash price. £15
6 - Floral Crop Top - Not just sheer. Its sheer beautiful. £12
7 - Blue Floral Blouse - Chinese Plates as inspiration. Please. £12
8 - Faux Fur Coat - Not found the faux for you yet? Look no further. £35

Website? Do Not Disturb.


1 comment:

The Style Rawr said...

OMG. I did not know this! That black fur coat was on my wants list last season and I didn't get around to getting it - must go see - thanks!