24 May 2012

Slaves arent a thing of the past.

We all know about magazines being online. But those are generally ones you have to pay for.
How much I'd love Vogue to be an online and FREE magazine you have no idea. However slaves are now. Or rather Slave is.
Thing is most of us know you can find a magazines content on its website, written in smaller chunks. But wheres the quality in that. And wheres the pageturning? Having to search for a feature you want, you have to type it in the search bar, and then it comes up with endless links etcetc. Theres no just turning over pages till you get features you want.
So I give you Slave.


Slave magazine is an ONLINE, FREE, QUALITY magazine. Featuring the essence of the images you might see from world renowned photographers and the in depth interviews you would rarely see anywhere. The Fashion in this magazine is for those who dare (and those with a large purse), but the inspiration you can take from these images is priceless. Exquisite art (it even can make me sound intellectual!!), couture culture and photography you can wouldnt believe, all feature in this magazine.

And if its not to your exact taste dont worry. There are more.
Net-a-porter magazine
Neet magazine,
AMOUR magazine,
I LOVE FAKE magazine.

Who says you have to splash the cash to get fashion inspiration?
Not me.

Sophh Elizabeth.

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Tamara said...

As much as I do love turning pages, these are some great links, thank you muchly. :]