22 May 2012

Unicorns, Rainbows and Birdies.

Here is my cat. Her name is Lexi. I call her cat.

Here is my cat about to bite me. Think she was hissing at me and trying to scratch me at this point. LOVE.
 (If anyone asks I did not pee myself, its just the leggings.)

 Actual colour of leggings, some of the others made 'em more pale/dark etc..

 Spot the wheelchair behind me? The man pushing her started staring down here and drove her into a curb :') did make me and my mumma giggle.

 Looking for berries? Duh.

Sunglasses: Vintage from St Francis Hospice
Croptop: Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Range (Reduced to £3!)
Leggings: Miss Selfridge (Sale reduced to £10)
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Primark
Ring: Topshop (in a pack of four)
Necklace: Topshop I think..

The only item I could find was the Leggings, which are £10 on the website too! Love the patterns!
I don't expect you guys to always like the combinations I put together, its just what I like and fancy!
I know I don't look particularly happy here either, pictures weren't coming out great and I had majorly bad skin. Oh welll...
In other news, today I received a competition gift from Julie (@CocktailCosmet) the day after it was posted! It was the Real Techniques Expert Facebrush and it works brilliantly, definitely see the reason for the beauty bloggers love of the range! Now to try the Stipling Brush...

Sophh Elizabeth.


Sabine Voest said...

Your cat is so cute! Too bad I'm allergic for cats! Thanks for your message on IFB, I appreciate it!


Jesss said...

I love the leggings, they look fab on you! :)



Love the leggings! <3

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Your cat is adorable! Like the leggings too!

Cokie Coquilla said...

I love your top and leggings!! :)

Bissous! x