21 May 2012

Sex and The City of London's Shoes.

Repeat after me; Sophie is a bad blogger and should be shunned. (Well please dont but you get the idea). With exams coming up everything has been so allover the place and you know!

Anyway today's post is based on Phillip Green (the CEO of Arcadia group, whom owns Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins etc.). Well it's actually based on his Daughter Chloe Jade Green, who  stars in Made In Chelsea, and who is the new shoe designer..
Years ago I read that she did intend to design her own shoe's and have a green bottom (I was thinking she meant more of a bold grassy green), and my thought was "get some originality". We all know the Christian Louboutin signature red bottoms. Hence us working out who inspired that move. Don't quote me on this but I think she said something about wanting to see London filled with the green bottomed shoes or something similar. Yay for aiming high but nay for copying. See a newer Interview on Topshops Inside out blog, with a similar quote HERE

Anyway years later The shoes have finally arrived! I want to hate them and be like Ughh she copied, but she has turned over my opinion and the shoes are successful! Whether they will look as good in future years(also when the pastel trend passes?), we don't know but I wish her all the luck in proving people like myself wrong!
Onto the shoes. I would do a typical favourites kinda thing like normal but bearing in mind there are only 12 shoes, I'll list them all and give my opinion.
(Images taken from Topshops site. The shoes are in THE order featured on Topshops website- at least they were meant to be. Chloe by be confusing, why not just write available in more colours or list the same shoes in different colours next to one another? The link to each shoe is in the name of the shoe.)

 Louisa Chain Booties. Price £175. Also available in Black here.
I have to be honest and say these are my least favourite from the collection. I can see alot of the stars of TOWIE wearing these, I think its the Gold, Silver, White+  Mint colour combo that makes me dislike them. Too much. I like the chain. I like the open toe and open part after that. Altogether though, not so much. The Blacks similarly I dont like that much either, I think its just the shoe design like I said above.

Misha Slingback Mega Wedges. Price £130. Also available in tan and silver here.
Now these on the other hand are one of my favourites. Excluding the height. 6.5 inches? I'd be around 6'5!! How a girl doesnt break her ankles when she's had a drink in these babies I do not know. I do love them though. The mint green top, the creamy wedge? Little bit of perfection. These are simple. Could be worn with anything, to almost any occasion. But not to a wedding the bride likes a bit of attention, these would steal it from her.
The tan and silvers are seen on the website and are equally gorgeous with some wicker style weaving on the wedge. Love 'em.

Studback Peeptoe Courtshoes. Price £115. Also available in Cream here.
Beautiful. But again with the height 6" Chloe? I know your smallish but what about the rest of us? Thought I'd include these two in the same image and review being the same shoe (just different colours).  I do prefer the Orange over the Black and Cream, getting a bit used to the studded monochrome shoes these days... Both are so pretty, but both could be so easily replicated. (DIY tip, buy some studs off Ebay and some quality but reasonably priced heels, and bobs your uncle. You could even paint the bases, for me I'd pick an Orange base or a Pattern, you could even paint and write your name all over the bottoms!)

One of my favourites. Another 6" though? However these may be worth it, at least the detailing on the straps would hold you in them. They have a slight snakeskin effect on the shoe itself and the grain of the wood seems to flow throughout the shoe. From what I've read these are definite favourites of most people I know, maybe your favourites too?

Magda Laceup Booties. Price £150.
Let me hear you scream and shout in wonder! These my dears are just 5.5"! HALLELUJAH.
Still would be like Bambi on ice though.. However being the smallest of the collection so far alot has to be said about them. The lace pattern seems like it is a standout from the rest of the shoe, literally looking 3D, but the plain'ness of the laceup does leave alot to be desired. I dont know what exactly I'm looking for but if someone can find me a laceup shoe, where the actual laces look pretty let me know! I dont know why I dont like them that much, except the laces these are what kinda shoe I like. Except I dont? Say whaaaat.

Again I hear you cry HALLELUJAH! 5.5"! And I like them! I dont know if I should but I do! I dont own a single pair of gold heels, or silver for that matter (thats a whitelie, I own some grey'y silver ones, my first pair of heels) but these make me tempted to get some. Except not for that price. I'm a student. I have a low income. To get these, its not going to happen. However I will lust over them quite happily. The scoopside is so intruiguing and beautiful to look at- and they'd look even more amazing on my feet.

Lydia Cage Zip Wedges. Price £165.
Let me hear you cry! OH HELL NO. I'm sorry to say that the shoe height is back to 6". Wah.
In other news I love them anyway. I dont know what it is about them, I should not like them but I do. The backs are metallic. The wedge is just silver/grey. The toes are neon yellow. The cage of the shoe is pinkycream. AND the base is mint. And yet I love them. My only not so fond feature is the zips mini crystal. Bad move Chloe, bad move.

And Finally.
I didnt like these. But after seeing the side view on the side (just seen in the image above) I do I do I do. In fact these are in my favourites. Words cant explain. 6" booo. Pretty shoes yaaay. Speachless.

If you personally have been affected by any of these shoes above please call the Blog Owners mobile on 07$&£GSG%£. (DID YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD?!?!)
Seriously though, please comment on what you love/hate/lust/loathe. 
I think Chloe Green may be onto a winner here. Just make 'em smaller.



Forever Miss Vanity said...

Oh honey you're not a bad blogger! Unfortunately University, College, illness, life or whatever has to come before writing every now and then. I look at it this way: I'd rather have very few posts with a lot of thought and time put into them, than lots of posts churned out just because it fills pages. All those shoes are to die for, absolutely love them!

Beautiful blog, I'm following you :)



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I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your sense of style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too? Have a lovely day!