9 May 2012

So no one told you life was gonna be this way.

Friends song. Bloggers are friends. Easy.
I'll get to that bit, in a minute.

I'm a bit mean though so I'll do my bit first. Guess have a very nice competition going on right now named 'One to watch'. The brand is looking for 'fresh, fabulous, fashion-inspired personalities to become official voices for GUESS ACCESS, our global blog on guesswatches.com'
I think I could be one of the voices for these guys! Not too out there, but not too plain either!
View my entry you guys and please vote on the side of my blog, or here!
Much Appreciated!

And now onto my next point! The lovely Maria of Fashion-Infatuation has made a very clever map of the UK, with a pointer in locations where different bloggers live! To get your Blog on the very clever map check it out here!
See me just above London ;)

Please join in, it allows people around the UK to check out bloggers in and around their area.
Clever no.

Anyway have a look and let both me and Maria know what you think!
Any other ideas your liking right now on the blogging topic?



Steve niklas said...

nice blog checkout mine on


feel free to leave a comment

AVY said...

I'm a little tired of that song.

/ Avy

S. said...

Cute post, like what you have to say.

S / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com