8 May 2012

The tale of Peter Rabbit.

Written by Beatrix Potter. Same surname as Harry Potter. Also sharing the name with the Potters. Who have a Leisure Resort. Where I went this weekend. See the link now? Kinda? No. 
Either way I read it when I was a bubba, and I've been going to Potters since I was a bubba. So it relates to me. So I'm happy. :)

For those who havent heard of Potters, it is the most beautiful holiday place, located in Norfolk on the coast! If you watch the voice, its where Leanne worked! Heres a link to the website.

Anyway for those who know me, you will know about my stomach problems. For those who dont-    Well I have stomach problems. Latest solution is going on a wheat and dairy free diet. Which means no chocolate cake. I know! So this time was the fiirst time going away with this problem. Now potters do the most amazing food. And good food tends to contain things such as wheat and dairy. But they managed to accomadate me and my diet! Made food specifically for me and bought supplies I didnt have! And they had the sexiest icecream in there! Getting some from tesco me thinks.
Anyway as per usual it was brilliant. Utterly Fabulous Darling. Heres a few photos of outfits. Will do lipstick review later! Maybee. Tell me if you want it!

 Recognise the above outfit? For those who dont see the Queen of The Night post here!
The necklace is from Miss Selfridge in the sale..

 Collar: Dorothy Perkins, Top: H&M, Cardigan: Primark, Leggings: Primark, Socks: Topshop Sale Shoes: Primark

 Cardigan: Primark, Necklace: Newlook, Dress: ASOS, Belt: ASOS, Socks: Unknown,             Shoes: Newlook.

 Dress: LOVE at Topshop, Shoes: H&M

 Necklaces! Gold and Black: Miss Selfridge, Black and Cream: Newlook, Gold Chunky Chain: Miss Selfridge, Silver: Newlook. Oh and the Umbrella: Newlook.

Inspirational Lipstick. Pretttyyyy. Oh the Bracelet is from Newlook and the ring I got ages ago - cant remember where from exactly..
Thats all the pretty pictures. Well clear ones anyway.

 So the next bit. The evening.
Heres the story. Lately I've definitely come out in my confidence, so I'm much more confident with people too, including all the entertainers, joking with them etc. Soo they all know me (kind of) and I've been alot more involved in activites (Won a quiz and indoor Curling with my father)! Anyway they were doing a mini panto involving some of the guests whom have played a part in the holiday!
They called out to my family to get me, but I was awkwardly in the loo. When I came out I was grabbed by someone and dragged onto the stage! Confused wasnt the word.
So they started doing the panto, someone being the first cinderella, then the sisters and the mum came out and were like nooo not going to the ball. Some lovely woman came out as the fairy godmother and turned some big bloke into the carridge, with the mice as well. So I was like unless I'm the prince I dont have a clue!
Turns out they 'magiced' Cinderella and I became the one after the magic :') was well shocked to be honest! Turns out cinderella wears black sheer dresses and leopard print shoes...

 I theeen had to piggy back the carridge guy - alot of jokes made about me being keen and used to this etc :')

So then I met my prince :') theres two I 'injured' one (pretty sure I didnt, twas a joke.. I hope)

My god I did giggle watching them :')
Anyway after the shoe was left, 'we' went home and then the prince searched the kingdom, found the ugly sisters whose foot fitted the shoe and cinderella was left alone again :')

I love it there, despite being abused alot by Mark - the one with the beard/commentating..
Anyway thats all!



Jesss said...

I love the necklace you're wearing in the third outfit!!
Also those leopard print wedges - they're amazing!


Charlotte Champion said...

Love the grey socks in the black shoes AND the red lipstick, it looks so good on you! :)