11 Jul 2012

ASOS Competition!

Discount Coder is a fabulous website with LOADS of ideas and help on saving money! From creating new from old products, to saving money when buying products - even cooking with cheaper/free ingredients (Nettle Soup anyone?) these guys have it covered. The two girls behind the brand are Katie (living in Brighton with her Fiance and THREE cats) and Jenny (the new mum living in the centre of Essex-well it says the heart but I like my area of Essex better;] ), and seem like lovely and NORMAL girls!
To celebrate Discount Coder hitting 1000 twitter followers (nearly) @DiscountCoder,  they are giving away a VERY NICE £100 Asos voucher to one of us bloggers! 
For all my fellow bloggers heres the link to show what you have to do!

Basically an outfit from ASOS had to be compiled and it HAS to be under £100! Sounds alot easier than it actually is believe me! So after alot of chopping and changing and realising the shoes I wanted to include means I'd have to effectively go naked, with a bracelet or something (thats not something that should leave my house. EVER.) I found my outfit!
Simple but effective I think. Absence of a jacket or bag because all you need is a phone and cash these days (i.e. stick it down your bra) OR bring along a man. Simple ;)

Which brings me to a grand total of £96! So you have £4 spare for a drink, or in Discount Coder form, use what you have at home, and buy anything extra in bulk using the £4 and then you've got yourself alot more drink for your money! Ooosh.
Hair would be preferably beach style and wavy, and makeup with some very high cheekbones and dramatic lips- au natural eyes however, too much is never good.

Hope you like the look, and goodluck to whoever also enters!

Sophh Elizabeth.


Lea said...

I'm in love with that dress :O

Lea x


d.h.e.r. said...

Love love love the embroidered mesh maxi details on that dress! You did a really nice introduction to the contest too (found you via the Discount Coder Blog). Anyway, good luck! ^_^

Catrine said...

love that u can get a full outfit from asos! and it's not uber expensive either xxx