10 Jul 2012

It looks as though, you're letting go.

This outfit doesnt have anything to do with Gwen or No Doubt or their song Don't Speak but I just found out today that No Doubt are making a comeback *sings skips and dances for joy*. They were amazing and Dont Speak has to be one of my favourite songs of all time. So please excuse the song title, although it also does somewhat apply in my life. drama central.
Oh and here is their teaser for the new song! Enjoy!

And onto the outfit! Picture wise I know my face isnt looking all that hawt -(yeah I said it) I tried to do more heavy eye makeup which evidently doesnt suit me.. But I love the outfit, and I hop you guys like it too!


It got darker and darker.

Skirt- Primark 
Shoes- F&F at Tesco
Belt- Vintage
Any items I could not find I tried to find a similar replacement for!
 Blue= actual product, green= similar.

Hope you like!

Sophh Elizabeth.

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