4 Nov 2012

Melabelle, General Roundup, Hello again.

Sophh Elizabeth is BACK! 
God it feels so good to be able to say this, have missed blogging so much but sometimes life just has to come first.
For those who like the little bit about general life, over the summer I worked at the Olympics and Paralympics (I was doing the retail bit, and I didnt have to wear one of the awful uniforms!), I have gone back to college (first year I had to repeat last year as I was in hospitalduring my exams in my actual first year..), I've had a operation to see about my stomach problems (got fed up with the NHS so went private, and thankfully I dont have endometriosis. Quick shoutout here to ALL the Endo girls on twitter, who have been a great support over the past year!), and I am now looking for a foundation course in Fashion for next year! Phew! Its been a busy busy busy time!

Anyway onto my main feature- Melabelle! I was invited to this event a while back and attendend but due to busy'ness and laptop breaking I havent been able to write about it! But here goes..
Now I personally hadn't heard about the brand before but now I have I am delighted they found me!
I was invited to attend the Fashion press/Blogger evening by Kate at We Are Sticky, to celebrate the launch of Melabelles autumn/winter 2012 collection! Believe me I wasn't dissapointed. Bella (the wonder-woman designer and owner), is a beautiful, fun and talented lady, and was so easy to chat with! The range in itself is fantastic, with such high quality throughout.
Here's a little introduction to the collection from Bella herself!

"The AW12 collection is a personal tribute to my grandmother, Thora. From a line of milliners, she had a fantastic, individual style and today I cherish a few special items she passed on to me over the years. The collection contains garments inspired by nostalgic shapes that keep the Melabelle ethos very much in mind - to create a versatile wardrobe of flattering clothes for women with busy lifestyles."
 "As with every Melabelle collection, we have designed a selection of bespoke, signature prints. The ‘Dalton’ dancer print was inspired by a mysterious envelope dated 1955, packed full of charming silhouettes that had been sent to my grandmother by her sister. More subtle star and camouflage prints also feature, and after the success of last winter’s ‘Flock’ design we couldn't resist a new ‘Winter Bird’ print."


The layout of all the display's was just so genius, using everyday objects as well as the more quirky!
I must say the Dalton dancer print, by far my favorite print I've seen in a long while! They truly are beautiful, I love the 1950s, and having the Dancer print on the dresses really make it wondrous  As Bella says, the whole collection is so wearable - for anyone- and are a more subtle take on many of the autumn winter catwalk trends! Some of her former collections stand out too- flamingo print is inspiring!

And to top it off I got a few hints as to what Spring/Summer at Melabelle holds from Kate and Bella- Terracotta, Movement in the prints (e.g. a bird print), and the seaside!! The photoshoot was set on a beach (thankfully on a sunny day Kate informed me)- sounds to me like an exciting combination- instantly reminded me of Louis Vuitton's seaside shoot!

Hope everyone else at the event had a lovely time, including Kate (hope your baby isnt on Christmas day!!), Bella (hope many more great collections come soon!) and I really hope you guys have a look on their site- they sometimes have a pop-up shop in Portobello Road, so go check it out!

Sophh Elizabeth.

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Being at the Olympics must have been such a great experience!