22 Apr 2012

Queen of the night.

My first outfit post! Hope you enjoy..

Dress: Select    Bralet (just seen above): Primark    Belt: F&F at Tesco    Shorts: Unknown
Ring: Miss Selfridge    Necklace: New look    Sunglasses: Aldo   First bag (dark): Urban Outfitters
Second Bag(light): Primark                  First shoes: Tesco                         Second shoes: Primark

(I know that most of the items are not linked, but they are mostly items I bought a little while back- The places I got the items from such as the ring and the necklace are quite good for doing similar items so I have linked the similar items in instead, not the original. If I couldnt find a similar item on the same site, I have linked another item that is similar)

Hope you like!

Sophh Elizabeth.


Melaina25 said...

Cute outfit!

Erin / Sawyer and Scout said...

That's a really cute dress! x

Matthew Alexandre said...

cute outfit ! loving your jewlery ,


Stephanie Clark said...

Very cute outfit! Love the dress bag and ring! :) xx

Adelina Alexander said...

I am in love with your ring!

Anonymous said...

You look LOVELY. Loving the mini-maxi look ;) xxxxx

FAIIINT said...

Really cute outfit! Hopefully the first of many outfit posts?! :)

DEMI said...

likeeee your blog! :):)
keep posting and go for it!!!


Laura said...

You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

Floortje said...

Really like your blog dear!
Keep posting!!

natalie said...

I just saw a similar dress on another blog. Looking really good. Cute bag as well.