28 Nov 2012

Dita Von Jeez.

This post is one of those ones, that I'm going to ramble on about my story for ages- in this case meeting Dita Von Teese. If you dont like rambling, or you dont like Dita, then hasta la vista baby.
P.S. there's photo's of a lady in her underwear. (I try to make you stay I really do..)

The other week I entered a competition through Debenham's Blog, to win the opportunity (along with 99 others) to meet Dita Von Teese. This lovely opportunity came around thanks to Dita's new underwear range in association with Debenhams- named Von Follies. Check out the amazing collection here, and in the following images!

Now as far as I'm concerned she is a GODDESS for those who are similarly pale skinned. She's the woman who made burlesque dancing far more classy, she is the ultimate teese. Truly. I really admire the woman, she's stood up to (most) stereotypes, and is a huge success. I even follow her on twitter for goodness sake! So meeting her was gonna be a big thing for me.

Yesterday I received an email, telling me I'd won the competition, and along with my 99 other winner's get to meet her. Only minature problem was that it was today, in the morning, in Oxford Street. Now this wasn't a major problem as I live close to an underground line, takes me around an hour and a bit to reach Oxford Street (I go here fairly regularly!), but it was the time. 10:30am? That time shouldn't exist. I woke up at 6:30am (unheard of for me), and left running late. However totally forgot to print the email as that was my ticket so had a big time panic on the train! Seriously, was google'ing internet cafes with printers, printing shops, considered buying a wireless printer at one point (then realised I had no money, no ink, and no power source. It was a low moment, believe me).
So got to Debenhams but it was cool, as they let me just flash them the email. And then the queueing. It wasn't too bad, was the second in line to be honest! So many employees of Debenhams were fluttering around, her entourage etc, it was crazy.
And then she walked past. You know how everyone's like the camera adds ten pounds etc. Believe me it does. Her photo's represent her as slim but curvy. She is skinny and curvy. Its strange. She hung out in her dressing room for a bit, then went to a photo/press call, then came back. And this is the bit I really love. SHE CANNOT WALK PROPERLY IN HEELS. SHE WOBBLED. Its official, Dita Von Teese is a human being. At the end of the day, she has to sit on the toilet like the rest of us.
And this was her yesterday! (Image credit to: I'mnotobsessed)
Even I had trouble not staring at her cleavage. I mean the bra mostly out above the dress? Come on.

So when it was my turn I walked over and met the woman. Now she is quiet. And I mean quiet. And as many of my friends will tell you I cannot lipread and at times I struggle to hear people. You know those annoying bitches who are like what? to everything you say.. That's me. Although its genuinely because I cannot hear you. So it was a case of really small general conversation, and then I was like, "I love your shoes!". And I did, they were some beautiful Louboutin's. (which were to high for her). And she was like 'Thanks'. And then signed a photo for me.
And this is wear it gets fun. I then say, "quick question, what is your favourite outfit?". She replied "darling its yours, I love it so much!". And with that we we're bestfriends forever!

Except it didn't go like that. Let me get one thing across when I'm under pressure or nervous I confuse my words. Alot. Now this could be something any English star could deal with, they could interpret what I mean than bam. Easy peasy. Except she's American. So the conversation went more like this. Me "Quick question, if you could have any outfit what would it be?". With alot of stumbling over words etc. And she stopped. Looked confused and was like "that's a difficult question. ummm... emm... *silence for 10seconds*, I guess you'd have to look in some of my movies". Me "okay, thankyou, bye"

It was awkward. Turns out I do fan girl (alot). Don't think she liked me. Still got her autograph..

Ahh well.

Sophh Elizabeth.

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