23 Jan 2013

Honesty is such a lonely word.

The first thing any blogger (or at least most bloggers I know) will say to a company (whom is to send them a gift or product to review) is that they will be 100% honest in their review. But honestly how many times have you read a not as positive review? Not many? This is because to keep a good reputation among company's they will have to be generous in the review no matter how bad the product. And to be honest I've done the same or at least considered doing the same. But I think it's about time someone said the truth about some of these companies. Or at least tried to. So here is my latest review of some jewelry products I have been sent.

Kenza Accessories is a great company. They have a good service, beautiful products for the more 'out there' girl. When they were looking for bloggers to work with I jumped at the chance. I conversed with the company owner and she even asked as to what products I'd like to review. And I chose the claw ring as seen here- She sent me a few other products too, the Sparkle Spike Bracelet, the Triple Spike Bracelet and the Stud Ring.

Anyway when they arrived I loved them! The packaging was beautiful, each in a plastic packet, inside a cute draw bag. All lovely and professional! Opened them, still in awe. And then awhhhh. The claw ring didn't really fit. It just about fit my little finger, and in trying to remove it, one of the claws grew wobbly. But when a member of my family moved it, they snapped it. Here's an image of the ring, as featured on Kenza's Website.
Claw Ring

The other spike ring was beautiful too, with two holes for each finger- one I could slide on, the other I really struggled with - in struggling to remove it this one broke too. Heres an image from Kenzas site, and some of my own.
Stud Ring

One of the bracelets was somewhat tight on my wrist. I wore it for a day to review- in this day when it touched any other items it scratched the silver paint- by the end of the day they were more like tiger spikes, and the plastic stretchy part holding it together was starting to fray. Since then it has disappeared from my house. Whether it will appear again I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised as to whether a family member removed it (along with the claw ring) from my house thinking it was rubbish.

Triple Spike

And finally the big one. The shamballa studded bracelet. To some they will love it to others they will be horrified. I don't like shamballa bracelets, honestly I don't know what it is but I don't. But this ones kinda gorgeous in its individual way. My only complaint? It is tight on my wrist, leaving marks. Other than that I really like it. I do I do I doo-oooh. It's made of the same materials as the other products are, and it will scuff (right now I'm to scared to wear anything near it, spikes scare me!). But be sure to see it in the future in my posts!

Honestly? I would buy from Kenza. The jewelry as said is stunning. I do love it. But for a girl like me forever on the go, and one who can be fairly accident prone? Go for the firmer pieces!
Here are my pick's!

Sophh Elizabeth.

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I'm loving the spike trend
Such a lovely blog!
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